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A close cooperation with the IT-industry has always been important to the researchers at the Department of Computer Science. Over the years, we have often been successful in bridging research and application areas in collaboration with industry. The department’s Matchmaker is Tina Sihm, ts cs. Daisy conducts leading-edge research within key areas of data-intensive systems. Daisy aims to be recognized and respected for its professionalism and leadership. CISS interacts closely with a large number of Danish and international researchers working within our focus areas. We collaborate with a wide range of other research environments at Aalborg University, and with companies and research units all over the world. The Research Centre for Socio-Interactive Design sees its primary goal as conducting and promoting research that integrates both the social and the interactive aspects of IT artefacts and services.

Aalborg University a brief introduction. Niels Maarbjerg Olesen

The university employs approximately faculty and administrative and technical staff. The educational programmes are organized into the university s 4 faculties and 11 schools. Aalborg University has app. Entrepreneurship Etc. DK Question How can a university support the development of a knowledge dependent economy? NOTES : 1.

Aalborg Universitet | følgere på LinkedIn | AAU – VIDEN FOR VERDEN | VIDEN FOR VERDEN Læs hvordan i nyeste nummer af AAU Matchmaker.

The article discusses how Cold Pasteurization technology was successfully applied in cheese production. This resulted in greater cheese yield and improved quality and taste characteristics. You can read the article here. You can read the article here Published in Danish. We will be taking a collaborative venture with the Nordin team and tackle the challenges in entering the Indian market, alongside local industry experts.

Learn more about the Nordin Cohort here. Read more here. Enterprise Europe Network features Lyras and our venture with the Scale-up pilot program, where we received strategic guidance and networking opportunities during the early stages of our development. On 1st of March , Lyras held a reception in celebration of our new office and production facilities. Rea will be helping us with our recruitment and onboarding procedures, as well as our social media content strategy.

Rea has been a huge help with her dedication and focused work ethic, and we are happy to have her on the team. AAU Match has written an article regarding our collaborating with nine university groups from different institutes, these include: Biology, Finance, and Culture and Communication. Published in Danish.

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Denmark together with Aalborg Universitet, Danish Sound Network, recruiting and matchmaking the most promising international startups.

The startup needs help with the development of their website. Is this opportunity of your interest? An idea that you dream about turning into a business. Maybe you are unsure if the idea is any good? Or just in doubt about how to execute it? At the AAU Startup Program, we help you uncover if your idea could work in the real world, what your business should entail and what steps t Tirsdag d. Have you considered getting involved with or even starting your own company?

It may sound intimitating, but we are here to help you! Check out: sea. Mandag d.

Invitation til Ph.d.-forsvar med Chiara Fratini fra Aalborg Universitet i Kbh. SV

Creathio works by having students work on real case studies of participating companies, so that the companies can receive academic support in solving cases such as B2B marketing strategies in Poland. In mid-February, Creathio used their concept to host their own recruitment seminar, and find employees to work at Creathio. The workshop took place at the International House and was aimed at students and graduates who wanted to work with their idea.

The paper will describe experiences from Aalborg University in Denmark on ways to support The external matchmakers and “ambassadors” are important for.

It is increasingly common to assert that policy-makers are demanding that universities make themselves more relevant to society with more useful knowledge. It is widely agreed that this new ideal type of university develops new internal governance approaches that allow them to encourage external engagement, whether in terms of the kinds of strategic projects they pursue, their support infrastructures for knowledge exchange or even how internal culture regards external engagement.

Clark proposed the idea of the entrepreneurial university, as a university which managed to align these various elements in self-reinforcing ways, building engagement into the institutional DNA of the university. Although many other ideal types have been promoted for engaged universities, what all these models have in common is the notion that university engagement relies upon a set of institutional alignments, from the steering centre to the individual academics.

These are not exclusively academic notions – they have emerged in the literature in response to this policy enthusiasm amongst regional policy-makers to make universities more engaged. Although universities have undoubtedly become more centralised in governance and management terms in recent years, they remain knowledge institutions. This ignores the many other ways in which academics come into contact with societal partners, and through which their research may be useful, and has framed the idea of the entrepreneurial university as a top-down institution that steers its staff towards acts of commercial engagement.

We contend that the idea of the entrepreneurial university could be enhanced by decentring the notion of entrepreneurship away from commercial acts of technology transfer towards the ways in which university actors create knowledge that is useful for external partners. We consider the ways in which these university institutional entrepreneurs attempt to create new activities to respond to regional knowledge needs, addressing particular problems that external partners such as businesses face in accessing university knowledge.

To do that, we ask the research question: How do entrepreneurial universities create or do not frameworks which enable purposive actions by academic actors to participate in regional development outcomes? You are using a new version of the IGI Global website. If you experience a problem, submit a ticket to helpdesk igi-global.

Graduate Programme

Abstract This project is an explorative and interdisciplinary study on urban water governance where knowledge from water management, urban planning, sociology of technology and public administration, are integrated to describe transition dynamics characterizing the innovation of urban water management practices in the Capital Region of Denmark. This study aims at providing insights on the way urban Water management practices can contribute to sustainable transitions in cities.

The overall research questions are:. The core empirical material was collected during an ethnographic experience of 3 months in a utility Company within the capital region and through 63 face to face narrative interviews, involving a wide range of actors connected to the Danish urban water context. Outlook Google kalender iCal.

AAU Match coordinates and manage activities that bring companies and students AAU students and graduates or participating in one of our matchmaking.

As of August , all our campuses will be open again. We encourage all students, course participants and other visitors on campus to carefully follow the Danish Health Authority’s recommendations and guidelines to reduce transmission risk. Read about admission requirements, the admission process, tuition, scholarships or enrolment at UCN as part of an exchange programme. Please get in touch with us if you have questions, and we can give you advice on an individual basis. What does it look like?

How does it feel? What is it like to really live here?

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Invest in Aalborg is your initial point of contact with Aalborg. Use our knowledge about business opportunities, key sectors and manpower. We can help you build your business case based on market research. We work closely together with the City planners of Aalborg, real estate agents, property and land owners. New in town?

Lead Partner: Aalborg universitet by working actively with method and tool development for knowledge collaboration, matchmaking and entrepreneurship.

Every year, several thousand AAU students collaborate with companies and public institutions. The most common cooperation activities are:. The cases are pre-screened by semester coordinators making sure that they meet the requirements of the semester plan. After the presentations of the cases the right matches are found through dialogue with the students. After the presentations of the internships the right matches are found through dialogue with the students. The jobs are pre-screened by our coordinators making sure that they meet the right requirements.

After the presentations the right matches are found through dialogue with the students. We organise IT fair twice a year. During breaks students and companies network and discuss possible future jobs. The Career Fair is a major annual event in Aalborg, where approx. The camps run seven hours during which students usually around eight and company representatives from one or two companies work together with support from the AAU Match.

The key words of the work process are creativity, innovation and intensity, and Solution Camps often lead to highly innovative ideas and proposed solutions for the participating companies, while at the same time allowing the students to work with reallife issues.

Aalborg University a brief introduction. Niels Maarbjerg Olesen

Conducting research and tests in the field of health science and technology can be a costly affair. Both in regards to the high-end technological equipment and facilities that often needs special certifications and approvals, but also in regards to training and the necessary competences of the employees. Aalborg University offers access for companies to the many fully equipped research laboratories, and provide support from highly trained laboratory technicians and researchers.

In order to gain access to the many research laboratories and the clinical and technical equipment found at Aalborg University a research collaboration could be initated between the company and researchers from Aalborg University, otherwise a contract allowing the company access to the equipment and facilities has to be formulated and signed. The contract will address the rights and regulations as well as the expected expenses that fall to the company. Contracts will be formulated on a case by case basis, depending on the specific laboratory.

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The Graduate Programme at Demant offers you a unique opportunity to develop your personal and professional skills in a global company that creates life-changing differences through hearing health to millions of people worldwide. No matter which track you choose, the programme will lead you through a 2-year journey of 4 different rotations of each 6 months.

This will provide you with a broad understanding of our business and a strong network of people across functions. You will plan your rotations together with your Host Manager to enhance your professional and personal development as much as possible. We are a global company, so all the programmes are designed with an international perspective in mind and many of our graduates have the opportunity to go abroad for one or more rotations.

Our expectations will be high, and you will be given real tasks and responsibilities with high exposure from day one.

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Aalborg University – a network university. Based in AAU Innovation – main Knowledge Exchange operator. App. 33 AAU Matchmaking – KTO (app. 20 FTE​).


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